Jesse’s Adventures #2 – Mass Effect 3

Welcome to the world of Mass Effect 3


Today’s Focus: Lore of the Universe

Before I get into my nerd talk, I’d just like to say that this is one of the best game trilogies that I’ve ever played. The amount of ways to play the game is astounding.

Now it’s time to get into my nerd talk for this blog post.


So in the beginning of Mass Effect’s universe, there was one dominant race. Those primordial creatures were known as Leviathans. The Leviathans made other races, but soon had to build an artificial intelligence(AI) in order to keep those races in line. Soon after the creation of the new AI, later known as the Catalyst, it began to kill its masters, and in turn created the Reapers. Reapers were made from both organic material acquired from the Leviathans, and they were also made from synthetics. The first Reaper was named Harbinger, and you can infer why. Under the guidance of the Catalyst, the Reapers were to “cleanse” every single civilization every “Harvest” Cycle. In order to increased the efficiency of this “Harvest”, the Reapers constructed what is known as the “Mass Relays”. Mass Relays allowed interstellar travel and such.

So around 68,000 BCE, the race known as Protheans achieve space travel, and thus are able to traverse the Mass Relays. The Prothean Empire expands due to this, and is able to drive for nearly 20,000 more years.

Around 48,000 BCE, the Reapers begin their Harvest, and the Protheans fall to them.

Around 2148 CE, Humans discover Prothean technology on Mars, and thus learn of Mass Effect Fields. From this research, Humans are able to achieve space travel.

One year later, Humans discover a Mass Relay on Pluto’s moon, Charon.

This is all there is to know in order to understand what I’m about to talk about.

Mass Effect 1-2’s Story & Mass Effect 3

Slight Spoilers, but I guess that’s the point of game discussion, no?

Anyways, the trilogy is set before, during, and after a Reaper Cycle. The Protagonist, and this is my favorite part, is Commander Shepard. Depending on the player’s choice, Shepard can either be male or female. I have a bit of a quirk when it comes to choosing gender in games because I always play as a female. It feels better to play as a female than to play as a guy for the trillionth time.

Anyways, Shepard is sent off to a Human colony to investigate the destruction of them. This happens during the first Mass Effect. So Shepard finds out about the Reapers, and tries to warn the Citadel Council about it. The Council dismisses the Reaper threat, and continue to do so until a Reaper, by the name of Sovereign. The name is kind of ironic, for in the end its “supreme power” still isn’t enough. So Sovereign attacks the Citadel, and the Council finally decides to act on the threat. So ends the first game.

In the second Mass Effect, Shepard learns of a new threat. They are called the “Collectors”. It appeared that the Collectors have been working with the Reapers, but the answer is not confirmed until the end of the game. The Alliance/Council won’t help Shepard fight the Collectors, so Shepard joins the organization known as “Cerberus”. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the Collectors kill Shepard before the Second Game, but Cerberus resurrects Shepard through science and a lot of money. So after Project Lazarus, which brought Shepard back, Cerberus gives Shepard all the money she needs, and sends her on a mission to find the greatest warriors in the galaxy. This is because the Collector’s home system was discovered, but it is extremely dangerous. It is essentially a suicide mission. So the team goes and fights the Collectors, and find out that they had been abducting Humans. The Collectors killed the captured humans, and they used to as parts for a Human-Reaper abomination. So Shepard & the crew destroy the Collectors and Prototype Reaper. The crew returns with news that the Reapers had been spotted heading towards the Milky Way galaxy.

And so on to Mass Effect 3. The Reapers have begun their cleansing and are going to kill every single organic life form. Shepard wants to stop this cycle, but the only way is to build a machine from schematics left by the Protheans. So the game goes on with Shepard trying to gather an army to defend the Earth while the machine is built, but receives little help. Every other race is trying to save themselves, and do not see the importance of the machine. So the game goes on towards the end, and Shepard discovers that the Machine, which is the Catalyst, is incomplete. There is no way to stop the cycle unless a final part is added. It turns out that the whole time the Citadel, a structure made by the Protheans, is the final piece. The Reapers are fighting the combined forces that Shepard managed to recruit on Earth, and it is the final stand. It’s either kill the Reapers once and for all, or die. So Shepard links the Catalyst, and is given a choice.

This is where the story is crafted by the player. Three options: Kill, Control, or Synthesize.

Kill: Destroy everything in the Galaxy. This option destroys organics & synthetics alike, so the Reapers would die,

Control: Shepard acquires absolute control over the Reapers.

Synthesize: Organics become part Synthetics, and vice versa. The Reapers no longer harm anything.

It’s quite obvious that the “correct” choice is Synthesize. That’s what my ending is, at least.  That is a very short explanation on the Mass Effect Universe, and is very badly written.

The games are 400% better, I guarantee it.

That’s it for this time. Mass Effect 3.


Disclaimer: I’m horrible at explaining.
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